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Garden Studios Cambridge

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Garden Studio Cambridge

A Garden Studio is a fantastic way to add that extra living space to your existing home and at the same time increase the value of your property.

From a garden office to your own private gym, whatever your new garden studio is for, Kidman Build of Cambridge can assist you with every aspect of your garden studio development from design and layout concepts, to external and interior finishes.

All of our garden studios are bespoke built so we can build the structure to the design and layout that is exactly what you want and require. So you don’t have to make the investment and be tied to the constraints of prebuilt garden studio.

We clad our garden studios using the highest quality timber cladding from our local sawmill. Our timber cladding is available in a range of wood which can be treated to give a variety of colours and finishes which also ensures durability to preserve your investment.

Normally our garden studios can be installed without the need for any planning permission and on average take approximately 4 weeks to completion.

Garden Studios

  • Garden Office

  • Garden Studio

  • Extra accommodation

  • Private Gym

  • Garden playroom

  • Room for your hobby

Our Service

  • Consultation

  • Planning (rarely required)

  • Drawing

  • Construction

  • Finishing

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Garden Studio Cambridge

Kevin, thank you so much for all your hard work on our lovely new garden studio. We are loving using it even more than we had expected.

Rich Olney